[Cast Image] The Alduri

The alduri is not one race, nor is it one civilisation -- it is a collective name for the mysterious and powerful creatures that draw their life-force from the ‘allula’, the Tides of magical power running through the world. They are many and varied, from completely harmless to phenomenally powerful; social and friendly to vicious and deadly.

The lowest rung of the alduri is occupied by the wights, itself a collective for the thousands of species and races of creature that make their homes in every part of the world. Those wights who are tied to the positive Tide are called the wihali, and those from the negative Tide are the waiphs. Some wights seem like mere animals until they show their power, others are spectacular creatures that all but breathe the magic that runs through them.

Above them are the riuun: ageless, powerful creatures, born from the Tides themselves. They are forces of nature, made up almost entirely of pure Tidal magic. Most have lived since the dawn of the alduri, with the wisdom -- or apathy -- that comes with it.

Then there is the Circle -- the ten alduri deities, and if they are to be believed, the oldest beings on the face of the planet, created by the hand of the Goddess Gjentuo herself. They are ruled by Atenae, a mysterious being few mortals have ever seen. The Circle rarely intervene in mortal matters, but when they do, one might be wise to be concerned…