[Cast Image] The Humans

The humans of Feia occupy a precarious position -- they’re surrounded on all sides by beings and forces with vastly superior magical abilities to their own. In spite of this they’ve adapted well to the world around them, driving industry before them as they spread across the many continents of the world. The humans don’t have a centre of power or native home, instead dotting the planet far and wide with cities and settlements. They are intrepid survivors, and with their persistence, adaptability and boundless curiousity have cemented a place for themselves in the web of life on Feia.

Many have learned to live closely with their alduri neighbours. Some become tamers -- people who take up a partnership with alduri wights -- and forge their own way in the world, treading the line between civilisation and the wilds. Some become traders, a diplomatic and economic bridge between the alduri and human communities, experts in alduri customs. Others still discover in themselves a dormant talent for the very powers that surround them, and become Tidewinders, or Allulists, crafters of magic.