[Cast Image] The Kelkolan

'The Anchors of the World' is a series of stories set in the world of Feia written for the YA fantasy genre! The Kelkolan is the first story in the series. The book follows Andel, a privateer’s son, who is blackmailed into a simple quest which may inadvertently start a war between magical creatures and an empire of shapeshifters. As the series progresses, Andel becomes embroiled in the unearthing of an ancient secret that may change the world forever.

      Andel used to think his father was just an ordinary, everyday pirate-turned-privateer. So when his father dies in a suspicious accident, Andel is surprised to be immediately leapt upon by the Dranian Empire with an offer of work. But it’s hardly luck: the Dranian won’t take no for an answer, holding Andel to account for his father’s former villainy. And it’s not as though fetching an antique musical instrument called the Kelkolan should be some sort of challenge anyway, right?

      Or it shouldn't have been, except the magical Alduri, the real owners of the Kelkolan, don’t want it touched — a fact that the Dranian conveniently failed to mention — and Andel is thrust headlong into a dangerous game of control between the Empire and the Alduri. For the innocuous antique is not as harmless as it seems, and it is not long before Andel is forced to question where his loyalty should really lie — with the seemingly well-intentioned Dranian? Or with Deberada, the alduri deity from whom the Kelkolan was taken?