Welcome to the part of the site with lots and lots of text. Eventually.

The Anchors of the World: The series I'm working on.

      ~ The Kelkolan: The first story in The Anchors of the World. Andel's just a kid. But that doesn't help him from being blackmailed into a quest that may inadvertently start a war between magical creatures and an empire of shapeshifters.

      ~ The Trader's Apprentice: The second story in the series. It's a secret for now!

Shorts: Uncategorised artwork, plushies, ball-jointed dolls, sculptures, all that kind of stuff.

About the World: A very brief primer about the world and the people who live in it. Has pretty pictures!

If you don't want to see lots and lots of words, now is when you should click the 'Art' link at the top to go back to the art, which has many pretty pictures in it and very little wordings. ...But you don't really want to do that... do you?