Art and Writing

How long have you been writing?
Do you plan on publishing?
Did you draw everything on your site?
How long have you been drawing?
Will you draw something for me?
Are you open for plush/art commissions/trades?
Can I use your work?
What kind of art media do you use?
Can you share your plush patterns/can you make me a pattern?
Will you ever do a tutorial or stream?
Why do you draw/make so much Pokemon?
Will you put my art on your site?


Why do you have so many toys?
Will you sell me something from your collection?
I have something you seem to need. Do you want it?
I want to insult your tastes.


Will you link to me?
Do you do conventions?

Art and Writing

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: When I was in Kindergarten, my nana gave me an old typewriter to bash away on. I presented my first ‘book’ to the class soon after.

Q: Do you plan on publishing?

A: Industry-willing, absolutely.

Q: Did you draw everything on your site?

A: Yes, everything unless otherwise noted. I am also responsible for my own web design catastrophe.

Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: I forget.

…I could just as easily say ‘always’ but that’s not nearly as conceited.

Q: Will you draw something for me?

A: Short answer is no.

The long answer is also no. Sadly I don’t have 24 hours a day 7 days a week to just draw pictures, as I also do university and have other numerous responsibilities that generally require attention in order to maintain the status quo of my being fed.

Q: Are you open for commissions or trades for art/plush?

A: Please check my Commission Information section to see if I am open for commissions. My default for art trades is ‘no’. It never hurts to ask but don’t be offended if I decline. I never do plush trades (unless you are also a plushmaker and I like your work), so there isn’t any point asking about those. I am happy to trade art for goods.

Q: Can I use your work?

A: This is a tricky one. The default answer is 'no', but please don't be discouraged from asking me anyway.
For me to say yes, I need credit and linkback, I need to know where and how the work is being used, and how long you think it will be used for, and my watermark mustn't be removed. Bear in mind that this all depends upon what you want it for. The following uses are an automatic no:

  • To be traced or copied for anything other than private, personal use (this means no uploading to the web).
  • For roleplaying purposes, character profiles or any other similar use.
  • As website graphics.
  • For anything commercial
  • To be used in projects/assignments/for other schoolwork purposes (with some exceptions. Please ask first).
  • For anything that may be or will be widely distributed, such as wallpapers for devices, apps, etc.

  • Q: What media do you use?

    A: I use the following: digital art media (Photoshop, SAI & Inkscape), marker, watercolours, minky. And I’m always trying out new things. My preferences are digital and watercolour.

    Q: Can you share your plush toy patterns with me/Can you make me a pattern?

    A: No, I’m afraid there’d be no point in it. My patterns are laid out in the arcane runes and hieroglyphs of my inscrutable shorthand and many parts are ad-libbed in the process of construction. My patterns would do no one any good. I get this question so often that I'm sorry but I no longer respond to requests for patterns.

    Q: Will you ever do a tutorial? Do you do stream?

    A: At this stage I don’t know. I’ve never really been good at making tutorials because of the way I work. As for streaming, I do somewhat rarely, but my net connection makes it unfeasible.

    Q: Why do you draw so much fanart?

    A: I like drawing fanart. It’s cathartic.

    Q: Will you put my art on your site?

    A: I can’t make promises that I will or won’t put certain work on my site. All of the work by other artists up here has been done for me of my characters, and even then it isn’t all of the work that I’ve been so fortunate to receive.


    Q: Why do you have so many toys/Why in the world do you collect toys?

    A: Why do people collect porcelain dolls, spoons and teddy bears? I like toys. I tend to like things that are bright or with interesting appearances, and for me, collecting toys is much like how some people like to collect ornaments. The only difference I’ve ever really seen between me having a veritable menagerie of brightly-coloured ponies and someone with a collection of inanimate frogs is the fact that the other person likes frogs.

    Q: I saw such-and-such a thing on your collection site and I need it; will you sell it to me?

    A: The things on my collection site are not for sale. Requests to sell things from my collection will be politely ignored.

    Q: I see you collect this particular thing and I have something you don’t have. Would you like to buy it/trade for it?

    A: If it is for sale, send me an email with a picture of it and I’ll let you know if I’m after it. If you want to trade, the stuff in my ‘For Sale’ spot is tradeable and so are my services as an artist.

    Q: I want to insult your tastes.

    A: Insulting my tastes is like muttering obscenities at a brick wall with the hope it falls over.


    Q: Will you link to my site?

    A: Keep an eye on my Wordpress/mainpage to see if I am currently doing a link-swap. I prefer to link to people who will link back to me, and I prefer not to have too much bulk in my links list.

    Q: Do you do conventions?

    A: I don't have access to the US circuit, but I am starting to branch out into the Australian one.